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18 January, 2014
Miniatures for the Way You Play.

Napoleon at War !
Rules and miniatures for fighting division level battles with 18mm miniatures.

New Releases!
New blisters and boxes are now available so that you can complete your Napoleon at War armies!

The Hundred Days
The campaign book for the Hundred Days will be here soon. Now Available!

French Minis
British Minis
Prussian Minis

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GHG Games Recycling Auction
Feb 22 & 23, 2013
Games filling your closets? Haven't played them for years? Find a new home for your less-loved games and earn store credit to buy new ones!
Click for details.

Web Store Discounts!
When you order through this web site using the e-commerce system, you get volume discounts:
$100.00 -$199.99 and you get a 5% discount* and free shipping.
$200.00 or more and you get a 10% discount* and free shipping.
Web Store Discounts do not apply to telephone, email, or fax orders.
*Web store discounts are not applicable with other in-store discount programs.

Shipping Cost Schedule
In an attempt to offer ever better service to our customers, we've instituted a new shipping schedule, which will reduce shipping for most orders. Now, for orders in the US the US Post Priority Mail rates are...

$0 - $99.99, shipping is $6.00
$100 or more, shipping is

Contact us for International Shipping.



25% Off Old Glory!
All Old Glory 10mm miniatures are marked 25% off. This price reduction will continue for the foreseeable future. (We can special order other OG miniatures at this rate, but it may take several weeks to get them in. To special order, please contact us by email.)

Great Hall Games in Austin, Texas
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Come play a game in the shop!

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Weekend Gaming
Every Sunday afternoon from noon to 5:00ish the Lone Star Historical Mininaturists of Austin meet at Great Hall Games. Games range from Ancient to Modern, 10mm to 28mm, and Beer and Pretzel to more complex.

Saturdays are more irregular for miniatures gaming, but they do occassionally happen. The Austin Boardgame Group also meets in the store on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.

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